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Sound More Natural in Your Small Talk in Spanish

Sound More Natural in Your Small Talk in Spanish

With a few key phrases and vocabulary words, you can start to sound more natural in your small talk in Spanish.

Let's dive in and learn how to chat more fluidly in Spanish.

Essential Spanish Small Talk Vocabulary

Before we get to the dialogues, here are some must-know words and phrases for making small talk in Spanish:

Talk about the weather

  • Hace calor - It's hot

  • Hace frío - It's cold

  • Hace viento - It's windy

  • Hace sol - It's sunny

  • Está lloviendo - It's raining

  • Está nublado - It's cloudy

Questions and answers using the "Tener" (to have) in Spanish

Q: ¿Tienes calor? - Are you hot?

A: Sí, tengo calor. - Yes, I'm hot.

Q: ¿Tienes frío? - Are you cold?

A: Sí, tengo mucho frío. - Yes, I'm very cold.

Q: ¿Tienes hambre? - Are you hungry?

A: No, no tengo hambre - No, I'm not hungry.

Q: ¿Tienes mascota? - Do you have a pet?

A: Sí, tengo un perro y un gato. - Yes, I have a dog and a cat.

Example Spanish Small Talk Dialogues

Now let's see these vocabulary words and phrases in action with two sample dialogues. Speaking naturally in Spanish is all about practice!

Dialogue 1:

A: ¡Hola, _____! ¿Cómo estás? (Hello, _____! How are you?)

B: Hola, de maravilla. ¿Y tú? (Hi, I'm wonderful. what about you?)

A: Bien, pero hace calor ¿No? (I'm fine, but it's hot isn't it?)

B: Sí, tengo calor. (Yeah, I'm hot.)

A: Yo también ¿Quieres ir a la playa? (Me too, Do you want to go to the beach?)

B: Buena idea, vamos. (Good idea! Let's go.)

Dialogue 2:

A: Bueno y dime ¿Te gusta España? (Well, tell me, do you like Spain?)

B: ¡Me encanta! (I love it!)

A: Qué bueno, ¿Y tienes mascota? (That's great, and do you have a pet?)

B: Sí, tengo un perro ¿Y tú? (Yes, I have a dog, and you?)

A: Yo tengo un gato. (I have a cat.)

B: Vale ¿Quieres otra bebida? (Ok, Do you want another drink?)

A: ¡Venga! (Bring it on!)

The key to sounding more natural when making small talk in Spanish is simply practicing common phrases, asking questions, and talking about everyday topics like the weather, family, pets, etc. With the vocabulary and dialogue examples here, you're well on your way to chatting casually in Spanish. ¡Buena suerte! (Good luck!)

Sound More Natural by Practicing Spanish Small Talk - Interactive Practice


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