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How to Talk About Prices in Spanish: A Quick Guide

Updated: Mar 19

talk about rpices in spanish

This guide will help you with your Spanish shopping and to be able to talk about prices in Spanish. It has the basics you need to shop and to get more familiar with bargaining. Are you ready to start?

Talk about prices in Spanish: Understanding the Basics

A few key phrases can go a long way when it comes to shopping.

The most essential phrase you'll need is "¿Cuánto cuesta?" (How much does it cost?). This simple question opens the door to understanding prices and making purchases.

Remember, the response you'll likely hear will be in euros or pesos, given the common currency in many Spanish-speaking countries, for example, "Cuesta 5.50 €" Cuesta cinco euros con cincuenta céntimos (It costs 5.50 euros/pesos).

Key Vocabulary and Phrases

In terms of pricing, items can be "caro/a" (expensive) or "barato/a" (cheap), critical adjectives to know depending on whether you're splurging or looking for a deal.

Putting It into Practice

Let's simulate a shopping scenario to practice:

Vendedor: "Buenas tardes ¿Qué tipo de recuerdo quiere comprar?" (Good afternoon! What type of souvenir would you like to buy?)

You: "Quiero algo típico de esta ciudad." (I'd like something typical/traditional of this city.)

Vendedor: "Tenemos gafas de sol, sombreros de playa, botellas de vino..." (We have sunglasses, beach hats, bottles of wine...)

You: "Quiero unas gafas de sol. ¿Cuánto cuesta?" (I'd like some sunglasses. How much is it?)

Vendedor: "Cuesta 5.50 € /cinco euros con cincuenta." (It costs 5.50 euros.)

You: "¡Oye qué barato! Entonces quiero unas por favor." (Hey, that's cheap! Then I'd like some, please.)


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