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Be Assertive: How to Get Your Drink in a Bar in Spanish

How to Get Your Drink in a Bar in Spanish

Are you planning a trip to Spain and want to make sure you can order your favorite drink at a bar? Don't worry, we've got you covered! In this blog post, we'll provide you with the essential vocabulary and phrases to confidently order drinks in Spanish. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or just need a refresher, this guide is perfect for A1 level learners.

Vocabulary for Drinks in Spanish

Learning the names of common drinks is the first step to mastering bar orders in Spanish. Here are some essential drinks to get you started:

  • Una limonada (a lemonade)

  • Un whiskey (a whiskey)

  • Una cerveza (a beer)

  • Un vino (a wine)

  • Un café (a coffee)

  • Un té (a tea)

  • Un refresco (a soda)

  • Un agua (a water)

  • Un jugo de naranja (an orange juice)

  • Un cóctel (a cocktail)

Extra Vocabulary

When ordering drinks, you might need a few extra words to specify your preferences:

  • El hielo (ice)

  • La pajita (straw)

  • La soda (soda)

  • La tónica (tonic)

Example Phrases

Now that you know the vocabulary, let’s put it into practice with some simple phrases. When ordering, you can use the structure:

  • [Drink], por favor (Drink, please).

For example:

  • Una limonada, por favor (A lemonade, please).

  • Un whiskey, por favor (A whiskey, please).

If you have specific preferences, you can add “con” (with) or “sin” (without) before the extra word:

  • Un whiskey, sin hielo, por favor (A whiskey, without ice, please).

Be Assertive: How to Get Your Drink in a Bar in Spanish

To make sure you get what you want, it’s important to be clear and assertive. Here are some useful expressions for calling the bartender’s attention and making your order:

Calling for Attention

  • ¡Oye! (Hey! - Informal)

  • ¡Perdón! (Excuse me! - Polite)

  • ¡Camarero! / ¡Camarera! (Waiter! / Waitress!)

  • ¡Buenas! (Hello there! - Informal)

  • ¡Ey! (Hey! - Very informal)

Common Dialogues in a Spanish Bar

Practicing dialogues can help you feel more confident when ordering. Here is a typical exchange you might have with a bartender:

Cliente: Una limonada con hielo, por favor. (Client: A lemonade with ice, please.)

Bartender: ¿Con o sin pajita? (Bartender: With or without a straw?)

Cliente: Sin pajita está bien.(Client: Without a straw is fine.)

Bartender: Aquí tiene.(Bartender: Here you go.)

Cliente: Gracias.(Client: Thanks.)

Bartender: Dos euros, por favor. ¿Tarjeta?(Bartender: Two euros, please. Card?)

Cliente: Sí, gracias.(Client: Yes, thanks.)

INTERACTIVE GAME: How to Get Your Drink in a Bar in Spanish


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