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Q&A: Fiore & Sons 12-week Spanish Program

How will the course be organized?


The course consists of 6 units. Each unit will be divided into 4 sessions. 2 group sessions and 2 individual sessions.

In which language will the classes be taught?


In language teaching for adults, the use of a bridge language is the most efficient way to analyze and contrast information. In order to assist you throughout the process, the classes will be taught in English, but we will have several practice opportunities focused on the use of Spanish to help you build the confidence you will need in the workplace.

Who are the teachers?


The teachers of the program are Spanish language professionals who have worked with our methodology and are prepared to teach you Spanish for immediate needs in your workplace in a dynamic and practical way. They are native Spanish speakers with an advanced level of English, and they have a deep understanding of Latin American culture.

How can I access previously recorded group sessions?


To access, you must log into your user account on Fluency Lab and look under "My Resources".

PLEASE NOTE: You will only be able to access the group sessions. The individual sessions will not be published.

What is the difference between group sessions and individual sessions?


Group sessions are the ideal opportunity to build knowledge alongside your colleagues and practice the structures and vocabulary learned.


Individual sessions will be more focused on your specific needs and will be the perfect opportunity to resolve your doubts one on one with a language professional who will help you strengthen the knowledge acquired in the unit through individual activities and games.

What happens if I cannot attend a group session?


Group sessions are a space to acquire the necessary tools to communicate, while practicing with your colleagues. They are central sessions in our program and active participation is recommended to successfully complete the course.


You will always be able to access previous sessions that have been recorded, however, we do not recommend missing the opportunity to practice and ask questions during the live session.

How can I access the extra content for each unit?


To access the extra content, you must log into your user account on Fluency Lab and look under "My resources".

What do I need to have every session? 

Remember, it's important to be in a quiet place without distractions when attending both group and private sessions. Ensure you have a laptop or phone to connect to Zoom, a pen, and printed material for each unit (provided previously to every participant).


How do I book my private sessions?


You can follow these steps or watch the video tutorial here:

  1. Check your email, find our message, and click on "Visit us".

  2. Click on "Take me to the Lab" to sign in, or sign up if it's your first time.

  3. Click "Book a session" to check tutor availability and schedule your session.

  4. The system identifies your time zone. You can filter tutors, check their availability, and schedule your session.

  5. Check info, activate/deactivate the SMS reminders and click "Book Now".

  6. You'll get an email confirmation and can add the session to your calendar.

  7. You will find the Zoom link in "My bookings", and you will also receive it in your email.

  8. You will receive an email containing all the necessary details, including the Zoom link to join


To book more sessions, simply repeat the same process.

Can I book all my individual sessions in advance?

Absolutely. You have the option to schedule all your 12 sessions in advance. We highly recommend this to ensure you secure the most convenient day and time for you.

Can I reschedule individual sessions?


Of course. You can follow the steps or watch the video tutorial here:

  1. To reschedule a session, go to "My Bookings", click on "Manage", then "Reschedule".

  2. After choosing a new time for your session, review the details and click "Confirm".

IMPORTANT: Due to our Booking Policy, the system will not allow you to reschedule with less than 12 hours' notice.


Can I change the date of the group sessions?


No. Group sessions have a fixed schedule. Group 1 will meet weekly on Tuesdays at 4pm, and group 2 on Wednesdays at 4pm.

Can I possibly not make it through the program?


Don't worry. We've designed this program specifically to provide support, with a focus on results beyond just grades. We do, however, keep a record of your attendance and participation in the sessions. At the end, we'll provide both you and your organization with a summary of your accomplishments and suggestions for future growth.

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